State Department Condemns Escalation of Violence in Nicaragua

Published July 16th, 2018

The US State Department has issued a statement of condemnation regarding the growing violence against journalists, students and protesters in Nicaragua. The announcement also made note of new U.S. Visa restrictions on officials who have aided the regime in committing the numerous alleged human rights violations.

The violence in Nicaragua has been ongoing for several months, and by some reports, more than 300 people have been killed. The crisis began in response to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s announcement of widespread pension cuts: protesters reacted by barricading several small towns. Ortega’s para-military forces have violently dismantled these barricades, and in response more protesters have joined in.

The State department now joins Amnesty International and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in their condemnation of the targeted campaign to suppress protest and journalistic freedom.

President Ortega has since backtracked on his pension cuts, but the damage seems to have been done. Unsurprisingly, the Ortega administration claims it’s the victim of a targeted coup – but whether or not that’s true, the human rights violations that have occurred under his presidency are hard (if not impossible) to deny.