Over 80k Uber drivers receiving checks from FTC settlement

Published July 16th, 2018

The FTC has begun mailing out checks to 88,799 Uber drivers. Uber agreed to the settlement back in 2017 and the drivers are finally getting their cut Рan average of $299.96 per driver. In its marketing materials, Uber touted a median income of over $90,000 for New York uberX drivers Рa number which the FTC claimed was a gross misrepresentation Рin reality the number was closer to $61,000.

In addition to misleading statements about their driver earnings, the FTC claimed that Uber had misrepresented the costs associated with their vehicle loan and leasing programs – they claimed it was cheaper than it actually was. Uber also allegedly advertised vehicle leases with unlimited mileage when in reality, the leases all had mileage limits.

Considering Uber lost billions of dollars in 2017, a 20 million dollar fine for misleading consumers starts to look like just a drop in the bucket. The terms of the settlement explicitly forbid Uber from making misleading statements about their programs in the future – presumably this means the company would face a more substantive fine if they get violate the law again.

If you’re one of the drivers who’s a part of the settlement, keep an eye out for your check (the FTC says it’s in the mail) – and you’ll only have 60 days to cash it or else it becomes void, according to Epiq (the refund administrator).